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et there be no doubt. These students will change the world. And to some extent they already have. Yiwen (Even) Yu, Yi Yang, Tian Xie, and Charlie Campbell, along with the other members of the Chinese Philanthropic Leadership Association (CPLA) at the University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business, are focused on a simple yet profound goal: change the definition of philanthropy and business in China. "In China, it's a messed up situation right now—everyone just wants money. So they study business to make money, but not make meaning. I want to make a meaningful life," explained Xie, the association's president. That's a value and commitment Xie said his experiences at the Lundquist College helped cultivate. "There is a feeling of community here. The teachers, the students, they want to make a difference. It's not just about money. It's about having a passion and a rewarding career, investing in the right companies, giving back when you are successful. I saw that in Oregon, and it's a value and commitment I want to export back to China." Yu agreed, saying many Chinese citizens associate the word philanthropy with inappropriate spending. "If you really want to be a philanthropic leader you have to lead by example," Xie added. And lead they have. In its first project, students coordinated the transfer of used printed materials from urban schools to rural schools with fewer resources in Hunan Province. "They reallocated used textbooks from the city area to the rural area," Xie said. "I liked the idea of recycling and passing on knowledge at the same time. So I joined this Above (left to right): CPLA members Yiwen (Even) Yu, Yi Yang, Tian Xie, Qian Ye, and Charlie Campbell attended the exclusive Clinton Global Initiative University in Washington, D.C., where they met the former president. organization last fall and have participated ever since. I found it's very motivating— Chinese, American, and international students working together." Their work didn't go unnoticed. Last March, Xie joined with members Yu, Yang, Campbell, and Qian Ye, to attend the fifth annual Clinton Global Initiative University, an exclusive gathering in Washington, D.C., hosted by the former president aimed at innovative leaders looking to take on pressing global challenges. Along with the staff of Clinton's Global Initiative, Chinese super star and UO alumnus Daniel Wu '97 also took note of the CPLA's activities.

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