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L UNDQU I S T C OL L E GE OF BUS I NE S S 17 S T U D E N T S For three University of Oregon students, the journey began with a shared passion and a simple question: How do we make protein more portable? Justin Davies, a business major with a focus in sports business, and his two friends, Jonathan Palmer and Matthew Warren, both journalism majors with a focus in advertising, realized there was an opportunity for improvements in the protein industry. The culmination of their efforts came in late February 2017, with the launch of their company Progressive Protein and its first product, the P Pack, a portable liquid protein. Just a year before in January 2016, the three students sat in their Eugene home discussing how they could make a protein product as user-friendly as possible. "It was about: How do we create a product that fits into real people's lives and how does this actually go with you day-to- day?" said Palmer. After lots of reimagining and reworking, the concept for the P Pack was born. The collagen-based liquid can easily be poured into any kind of drink from small, portable plastic packs. The trio began working toward starting their company, each student bringing their own unique skills and experiences to the table. "Oftentimes one of us would come back to the team with a piece of information or guidance from a class that we were in that day, and it would always be super helpful," said Warren. The brand for Progressive Protein began to take shape as the team established its target audience. "We definitely put more of an emphasis on the lifestyle and the other interests of people our age, people that are active," said Palmer. As the three progressed in their majors and classes went more in depth, they were able to apply the new skills gained. "As I went through the business school, I realized how many more elements there were in terms of things like operations, management, and marketing," said Davies. "All my business school classes completely started coming to life in front of my eyes." As the team works to expand and market their new company, while soaking up as much theory and knowledge as possible in their UO classes, they hope to improve their current product and add additional portable, easy-to- use products in the near future. ALL MY BUSINESS SCHOOL CLASSES COMPLETELY STARTED COMING TO LIFE IN FRONT OF MY EYES. B Y ED WA R D BUR NE T T E // JOUR N A L I SM S T UDEN T

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