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13 $ $ $ By her own admission, Sarah Nutter doesn't do anything half way—and she never has. Take a childhood chore on the family dairy farm in Michigan. Nutter was tasked with burning empty milk cartons in a burn pile. Her first round she did one case, earning her one penny from her parents. She quickly worked out if she scooped up all the cartons her five-year-old body could hold (four cases), she could increase her profit by three cents a trip. The pile burned bigger and brighter than anticipated. "It lit up like a candle," she said. That same spirit of constantly challenging herself ultimately led Nutter to the University of Oregon's Lundquist College of Business, where she assumed leadership as the college's Edward Maletis Dean (see related story on page 13.) on January 17, 2017. Nutter started kindergarten in a one-room schoolhouse, which, even as a youngster, she leveraged to her advantage, learning from the older students. Parochial Lutheran school followed, where she skipped a grade (which would later allow her start at Ferris State University at just 17). She graduated first in her high school class of 180 while working 20 hours a week plugging county property tax information into a keypunch machine. One could say resolve, mixed with perspicacity and a heart for service, is in her blood. Her family ran their own dairy business and both parents separately served as township treasurer. Her mother later served on the Michigan State Senate, and her father was a county commissioner. Staying close to home at Ferris State allowed Nutter to continue supporting the family dairy by delivering milk while pursuing her degree in accounting. During her senior year at Ferris, she met a faculty member's son, David Nutter. The pair hit it off and attended Michigan State University, where David finished his undergraduate and master's degree and Sarah her master's and PhD. The couple traveled the world together, including taking advantage of an opportunity for her to teach for University of Maryland University College in Germany while David worked toward a master's degree in German. While finishing her PhD at Michigan State, what started as a request for data on expatriate taxation morphed into a job offer when Nutter was asked to join the organization as a researcher and to train economists at the Internal Revenue Service, where she stayed for five years. Meet our New Dean

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